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Walrus Audio Monument Tremolo | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Walrus Audio Monument Tremolo

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Walrus Audio Monument Tremolo | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Monument valley is the inspiration for this flexible and versatile tremolo pedal. This pedal not only produces a standard tremolo effect, but also a harmonic tremolo, both of which are capable of being rich and rounded or sharp and aggressive.

A massive variety of tones can be achieved achieved through the innumerable combinations of rate, division and shape paired with the two modes. The division knob allows the pedal to be set to quarter, triplets, eighth and sixteenth sub divisions. The shape knob allows you to choose Sine, Square, Ramp, Lupms and Random patterns for your tremolo.  

The volume knob can be used to provide a clean boost, additionally if the depth knob is set to zero the pedal acts as a clean boost and nothing else! There also is a momentary bypass enabled by holding the bypass pedal down rather than simply tapping it, this allows for even more control over your tremolo. 


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