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Walrus Audio Jupiter V2 Fuzz | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Walrus Audio Jupiter V2 Fuzz

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Walrus Audio Jupiter V2 Fuzz | Lucky Fret Music Co.

The Jupiter is a thick, gritty, agressive and most importantly LOUD fuzz which allows you to dial in the correct portion of fuzz paired with your desired tonal characteristics to allow you to stand out or sit back. Further there are three clipping diode options which provide access to an even wider array of tones and there's even a bass boost toggle switch for when you need some more low end. 

The V2 by comparison to the V1 has even more gain available, a more sensitive volume control allowing for easier discovery of the unity gain sweet spot, the tone control has been improved to improve the high frequency response, and finally, there is an internal trim pot which allows control over a gate to tame noise or to squeeze the pedal to bring out those much loved dying battery noises. 

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