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Walrus Audio Fathom Reverb | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Walrus Audio Fathom Reverb

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Walrus Audio Fathom Reverb | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Model Overview:

The Walrus Audio Fathom is the latest feature-heavy pedal in a long line of great effects from the Oklahoma based company. There are not many reverb pedals around currently that pack quite so much functionality in to such a small unit. With 4 tweakable reverb modes, the Fathom offers unprecedented control over a range of different reverbs. A dampen control allows the user to precisely dial in the tone of the decay, and a three position toggle allows you to add varying levels of modulation in to the decaying reverb signal.  

The Fathom also incorporates momentary switching, meaning a short press and hold of the bypass switch can bring the pedal in and out of your sound temporarily. The Walrus Audio Fathom also features a switchable trails mode, allowing the decay to continue even if the pedal is bypassed. Finally, the Sustain switch allows you to hold the decay almost infinitely, for truly lush ambient tones.  

Model Specs:

Hall - Wide, open and vast reverb with decay that ends with high-frequency rolloff. X knob adjusts pre-delay.

Plate - A full bodied classic sounding reverb with a smooth decay. X knob adjusts pre-delay.

Lo-fi - Filtered reverb with decay ranging from warm to thin AM-sounding radio characteristics using the X control. X knob adjusts filter width.

Sonar -  Similar to the functionality of the Walrus Audio Descent Reverb pedal, the Sonar setting is a reverb fed with both a high and low octave. X knob controls the blend between these octaves.

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