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Walrus Audio - Emissary Parallel Boost Pedal | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Walrus Audio - Emissary Parallel Boost Pedal

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Walrus Audio - Emissary Parallel Boost Pedal | Lucky Fret Music Co.
Model Overview:

The Walrus Audio Emissary is the latest in a long line of wonderfully functional pedal board must have effects from the Oklahoma based company.

The Emissary is a two in one boost pedal that is the perfect mixture of simplicity and versatility. Based around two independent circuits, the Walrus Audio Emissary has two separate boost voicings, one for ‘Mid’ and one for ‘Bright,’ that can be used independent of each other or blended together for any number of combinations of the two. This makes the Emissary a hugely customisable pedal, allowing you to precisely tweak the tone of the pedal to suit your own set up and playing style.

The ‘Bright’ circuit is obviously focused towards the higher frequency bands, and is designed around a JFET circuit with plenty of headroom. The ‘Mid’ circuit also incorporates a toggle switch for focussing the mid range between 1kHz and 800Hz. The Emissary can also be used in momentary bypass mode, allowing you to bring it temporarily in and out of your signal chain. The Emissary is perfect for pushing you up in the mix for soloing, as well pushing tube amps to naturally break up.

Like all Walrus Audio pedals, the Emissary has been meticulously designed to be as versatile as possible, and looks set to be a must pedal have in any set up.

Model Specs:
  • Boost pedal with two independent circuits wired in parallel
  • Make lead-sounds, slides or finger-picking stand out
  • Specific voicing per circuit (“bright” / “mid”)
  • Use one or the other boost-circuit by itself or dial-in any combination of the two
  • “Bright” circuit: Clean, high-headroom JFET boost with emphasis on upper frequency-spectrum
  • “Mid” circuit: targeted boost at either 1kHz or 800Hz
  • Toggle selects target-frequency for “Mid”: 1kHz or 800Hz
  • Smart “Momentary” bypass activates effect temporarily via press & hold
  • True-Bypass Design
  • Usage of isolated power supply is recommended
  • No battery-option
  • 9V DC; 100mA
  • L x W x H (cm): 12.1 x 6.6 x 4.1
  • Handmade in the USA

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