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Walrus Audio - Defcon 4 - Pre Amp / EQ / Boost

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Model Overview:

The Walrus Audio Defcon 4 combines equal amounts creativity and practical pedal board tone tricks, housed in without doubt one of the coolest looking pedal enclosures we've ever seen. 

The Defcon 4 is a pre amp pedal that features a 3 band EQ capable of precisely sculpting the tone of your guitar. The 3 band EQ features three vintage style rotary knobs for each frequency band - Low (IV), Mid (III), High (II) - all of which either cut or boost the selected frequency range of your signal, and can be independently engaged with the mini toggle switch beneath the knob. When a toggle is engaged, the corresponding number will illuminate on the incredibly 80's 'War Games' style pedal display screen. The Walrus Audio Defcon 4 also features a special 'Launch' switch that engages a 10dB MOSFET boost for when you want to push the front end of your amp.

From the earliest stages of the design, Walrus Audio worked to achieve something that was versatile enough to be the perfect tone shaper for Strats and Les Pauls alike, would negate the need for tedious amp tweaking, and would be the ultimate musical homage to 1980's nostalgia. 

The Walrus Audio Defcon 4 is yet another top notch, must have pedal board additions from the Oklahoma based company.

Model Specs: 

  • Preamp, boost & EQ functionality
  • Controls: IV (lows), III (mids), II (highs), 3 accompanying bypass switches for each EQ setting
  • Launch button to toggle 10db boost
  • 80's style enclosure inspired by the movie 'War Games'
  • Die-cast vintage style enclosure
  • 9V DC, isolated power supply recommended 

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