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Vox MV50-BQ - 50w miniature valve amplifier - "Boutique"

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Model Overview:

The Vox MV50 range has become amazing popular for the sheer amount of tube wattage and tone that they are capable of for their size, and the MV50 Boutique offers a fresh take on this with a boutique, handwired voiced head reminiscent of the best custom built amplifiers available. The Vox MV50 Boutique weighs in at just over one pound and is packed with tone reminiscent of vintage tube amps but with a variety of outputs meaning the MV50 fits perfectly into any home or studio and onto any stage. 

This amp is a hybrid - utilising Vox's trademark technology the MV50 has a Nutube tube preamplifier paired with a class D power amplifier. NuTube technology offers the same tonal response and dynamics as well as natural harmonic saturation usually associated with vacuum tube amps, but scales the technology down allowing the amps to be a fraction of the size. 

The MV50 Boutique simulates the kind of dynamic response and tube warmth found in the most coveted custom made amplifiers, with sparkling clean tones and rich overdriven sounds covering a range of playing styles.

Model Specs:

  • An ultra-compact head amp that weighs only 540 grams and offers 50W of pure tube tone
  • The preamp features NuTube technology, the new vacuum tube that utilizes vacuum fluorescent display technology
  • EQ switch provides tonal versatility depending on the size of the cabinet being used
  • Speaker emulated line/headphone output jack
  • Retro-chic design with mirror-finish front & VU meter
  • An excellent match for the BC108 or BC112 from VOX’s Black Cabinet Series (sold separately)


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