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Used Old Blood Noise Endeavors - Excess

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Model Overview:

The Old Blood Noise Endeavours is the all in one 80's noise maker you've been looking for. The perfect combination of noise, modulation and delay, the Excess combines high gain Distortion, lush Chorus and a slapback Echo / Delay to make one of the most tonally unique multi effects around. 

The Excess has Volume, Tone and Gain controls for the distortion channel, while also having a second channel to switch between the Chorus and Delay effects. The Modulation channel of the Excess features three controls; an overall volume for the modulation as well as a Rate and Depth when the Chorus is engaged and a Time and Feedback when the Delay effect is selected. 

The Old Blood Noise Endeavours Excess also allows you to switch between series and parallel circuits in the pedal. In series mode, the distortion effect will run in to the delay circuit, while in parallel mode the two channels will run alongside each other, cleanly separated in to two distinct layers. The Excess also features an expression input, with the expression pedal being assignable to different functions via a mini toggle switch.

Condition / Originality: 

This pedal is in excellent condition and retains its original box. 

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