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Used Meris Hedra

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Model Overview:

The Meris Hedra is the latest in a long line of pedals from a company that is truly pushing the boundaries of of tone shaping effects pedal technology. The Hedra is a 3 Voice Rhythmic Pitch Shifter that can add three layers of harmony to your signal with the addition of an individual tap tempo delay for each layer. Controls include pitch glide, micro tuning, 4 individual delay configurations, adjustable pitch correction and midi keyboard control for a pitch shifting delay unlike anything seen before in pedal form. 

You can keep it simple and just use Hedra as a standard chromatic pitch-shifter. Or you can begin to pile on the intervals and slip into its dancing diatonic dreamscapes, via its 6 different scales and wealth of rhythmical subdivisions. Now turn up the Glide control and hold down TAP for auto-swelling synthy portamento shifts - or bump up the pitch regeneration - and you’ll be oating away on clouds of shimmering sci- effects. Hook a MIDI Keyboard or a MIDI Sequencer up to Hedra and turn your source instrument into a mind-bending tapestry of harmonies and hard-tuned pitch glides. 

Meris are gaining a reputation for really pushing the possibilities of what can be done with effects units. With a small team that possesses a wealth of industry experience, Meris consists of designers who can boast of stints at Strymon and Line 6 on their CV's, and this experience and attention to digital detail really comes through in the effects they produce. Hand designed and hand made in Los Angeles, Meris can be considered at the head of the pack when it comes to forward thinking effects design.

Condition / Originality:

This pedal is in excellent, near unused condition. It retains its original box and manual.

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