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USED Earthquaker Devices - Avalanche Run -WITH BOX

Product ID: P-12166

Model Overview:

This example is in nearly new condition and retains its original box. 

Taking the beloved Dispatch Master to the next level the Avalanche Run has 2 seconds of delay and a thick lush reverb, but isn't just a standard delay pedal, it has a sound of its own and consequently should, like all EQD pedals be considered in a league of its own in regard to its tonal possibilities. 

Model Specs:


- Top Row

  • Time: This controls the delay time and goes from 0ms to just under 2000ms.
  • Repeats: Controls the regeneration of the delay, from zero repeats to near infinite.
  • Tone: Controls the tone for the delay line only. Roll off highs to the left, roll off lows to the right and get a flat response in the middle.
  • Mix: The is the volume control for the delay line. This blends in the wet with dry until 1 o’clock, 1 o’clock to 3 o’clock boosts the wet signal over the dry and 3 o’clock up brings down dry until it is fully wet when all the way up.

- Bottom Row

  • Expression Jack Assign Switch: Use this switch to map the expression jack to one of the assigned controls.
  • Decay- Controls the reverb decay length
  • R Mix- Controls the reverb mix
  • Time- This takes over for the delay time control and is DRASTICALLY different than the interface control. Using the expression pedal to control the time will give you all kinds of wild effects that can not be achieved by turning the knob.
  • Repeats- Controls the delay repeats
  • D Mix- Controls the delay mix
  • Toggle- This takes over for the toggle switch and will cross fade from forward delay in heel down position to reversedelay in toe down position.
  • Decay: Controls the decay length of the reverb, short decay counterclockwise, long cavernous decay clockwise.
  • Mix: This is the volume control for the reverb. Blends in the wet with dry until 1 O’clock, 1 O’clock to 3 O’clock boosts the wet signal over the dry and 3 O’clock up brings down dry until it is fully wet when all the way up.
  • Ratio Selector Switch: Selects delay subdivisions when time is set by the “Tap” switch.

1/1- Quarter Note
3/4- Dotted 8th
2/3- Quarter Note Triplet
1/2- 8th Note
1/3- 8th Note Triplet
1/4- 16th Note

- Toggle Switch

  • Both: This is the “standard” delay and reverb mode
  • Reverse: This is reverse delay mode with “standard” reverb
  • Swell: This is the volume swell mode


  • 4.625″ x 3.7″ x 2.25″ with knobs

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