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Supro Blues King 12 - 15W Tube Amplifier

Supro Blues King 12 - 15W Tube Amplifier

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Supro Blues King 12 - 15W Tube Amplifier

Model Overview:

Originally manufactured in Chicago, Supro Amplifiers have been the amp of choice for countless blues and rock & roll players since the companies peak in the 1960's. The Supro Blues King 12 is the latest amp in the range, designed to sound great at bedroom volume levels while also being a perfect recording amp. The Blues King 12 features a Class A output at 15 Watts and a custom designed 12 inch speaker. The Blues King combines a sparkling clean tone with a 12AX7 based pre amp section for rich and natural tube break up. Additional FET based Boost and Gain switches allow you to take things up a notch for some serious dirty rock and roll tones at low level volume, with master volume controls and a three band EQ allowing you to precisely dial in your perfect tone. 

The Supro Blues King also features an analog Spring Reverb tank for vintage voiced classic reverb sounds like the classic tube amps of the 50's and 60's. The addition of an effects loop and recording line out make the Blues King incredibly versatile for such a small amp, and the Boost and Gain controls can be triggered with an external foot switch. With its black rhino tolex and black grill cloth design, the Blues King evokes the same vintage looks as '50s amps like the Supro Comet, making it the perfect combination of vintage voiced tone, modern features and retro Americana styling. 

Model Spec:

  • 15-watt 1×12” tube combo
  • Footswitchable boost and gain
  • Analog spring reverb
  • Effects loop & line out
  • Class-A tube power amp
  • Custom Supro BK12 speaker
  • 1x 12AX7 preamp tube
  • 1x 6L6 power tube

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