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Supro 1610RT Comet - 1x10 Combo

Product ID: P-9050

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Model Overview:

Reverb, tremolo and switchable power makes this high gain amplifier versatile and a perfect match for any of your guitars.

Designed to have vintage correct aesthetics, this 1x10 Supro combo can switch between 6 and 14 watts for home use or to drive the amp harder after the 12 o'clock breakup point. 

Extension cabinets are also available for this combo meaning that in the unlikely event you need even more from this amp, it's available. 

Model Specs:

  • High Gain preamp
  • All-tube Tremolo and Reverb
  • 6-Watts or 14-Watts Switchable Power
  • Single-Ended “Class-A” Power Amp
  • 1 × 10″ Custom-voiced Supro CR10 speaker
  • EXT speaker jack for matching extension cabinet
  • 3x JJ 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 1x JJ 12AT7 preamp tube\
  • 1x Sovtek 5881/6L6WGC power tube
  • 17 5/8″ x 7 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ – 44.7 x 19 x 39.4 cm
  • 6 lbs – 15.3 kg
  • Gold Faceplate
  • 1959 Cosmetics with Black Rhino Hide Tolex
  • Assembled in NY, USA

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