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Supro 1605R Reverb 1X8 Tube Amplifier

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Model Overview:

Originally manufactured in Chicago, Supro Amplifiers have been the amp of choice for countless blues and rock & roll players since the companies peak in the 1960's. The Supro Reverb is a compact 1x8" all tube amplifier, designed to sound great at bedroom volume levels while also being a perfect recording amp. With 5 Watts Class A output and a custom designed speaker, the Reverb breaks up perfectly for that natural sounding tube saturation.

The Supro Reverb also has to be one of the smallest amps around to contain a genuine spring reverb tank, which sounds lush and classicly 60's. The inclusion of a master volume control allows for genuine tube overdrive to be achieved at a neighbour friendly volume. The custom designed 8" speaker has been designed in collaboration with Eminence, using laser scanning technology to perfectly recreate the sound of an original 60's Jensen speaker.  

Model Specs:

  • 5 Watts, Class A
  • 8" custom speaker
  • All-tube design
  • 6-spring reverb
  • 2-band EQ
  • Master volume for on-board speaker
  • Wet line out
  • Dry line out
  • Mix line out w/ attenuator
  • 2x JJ 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 1x JJ 12AT7 reverb driver tube
  • 1x JJ 6V6 power tube


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