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Subdecay Quasar DLX - Phaser

Product ID: P-9115

Model Overview:

An analogue phaser with the full compliment of features allowing you to have every possible sound at your disposal from slow subtle phases sweeping over your sound to off the wall crazy sounds dominating your entire tone which verge on ring modulation speeds. 

Model Specs:

  • Tap tempo phaser with 8 ratio settings for easy set up live.
  • Dual action speed control in manual mode. Turn the speed knob all the way up and then back for faster speeds in to the audio range.
  • 11 LFO shapes make phasing go from classic to discombobulated with endless possibilities.
  • Expression pedal input lets you control modulation speed, or manually control the phaser sweep like a wah pedal.
  • External volume control to balance level when the effect is on.

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