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Subdecay Proteus MkII

Product ID: P-11648


Model Overview:

A plug and play sample hold filter, this is an analogue filter pedal based on the beloved maestro units with the digital controls controlling analogue sound sculpture. The aim for the controls is that they are simple allowing you to immediately have fun with an interesting sounding pedal. 

Model Specs:

  • Envelope and sample/hold filter in one compact pedal.
  • All analog signal path.
  • Digital control for tap tempo and switching between envelope and random sample/hold filtering.
  • Simple and easy to controls making it perfect for live use.

VII Upgrades:

  • Switchable bandpass and lowpass filter.
  • New design closer to the Maestro Filter Sample Hold.
  • Can be powered at up to 18 volts for maximum headroom.
  • Resonance knob added allows the filter to go from subtle to nasty greasy synthesizer grit.

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