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Subdecay Echo Box - Modulated Echo

Product ID: P-9113


Model Overview:

The intention of this pedal is to produce warm but very clean repeats, with the designer stating that the V-2 version is voiced like his Boss DM-2 but with a very dynamic response which can be heard when you dig into your guitar. The combination of tape sound but with analogue reliability is designed to sound so good you'll rarely need to tinker with the pedal, instead you can just plug and play. If you are more of a fiddler then there is a plethora of controls allowing you to dial in whatever you need.  

Model Specs:

  • 40 – 666 milliseconds of time covers all of your echo needs needs.
  • Delay time modulation with full control over speed and depth.
  • Self oscillating echo with regen knob turned past 3:00
  • Trails when bypassed with the toggle on the front where it belongs.

V2 Changes - 

  • Smaller  footprint.
  • Controls easier to dial in.
  • Changes in voicing on extended repeats.
  • Modest maximum delay time reduction in favor of more effective delay line noise reduction.
  • More transparent clean signal.


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