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Stone Deaf PDF-2 Parametric Overdrive

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Model Overview:

This is a wide range gain pedal used by many big names including Josh of QOTSA, the Stone Deaf PDF-2 improves on the V1 with a reduced noise floor, adjustable gain knob and a dual foot-switch for clean and dirty channels. 

One of a number of homegrown pedal makers carving out a real reputation for themselves, Stone Deaf make awesome hand made pedals right here in the UK. While well known for their diverse range of gain pedals all featuring their unique parametric EQ, Stone Deaf also make some incredibly forward thinking digitally controlled analog pedals, and are one of a hand full of companies really pioneering this use of technology in guitar effects.

Model Specs:

  • Wide gain range - from light overdrive to wild distortion 
  • Switchable clean and dirty channel - use parametric EQ on clean as well as dirty tones 
  • Highly sculptable Parametric EQ - For a world of distorted tones 
  • Phaser/Wah functionality via Stone Deaf EP-1 active expression pedal 
  • Top-mounted I/O 
  • Handmade in the UK 
  • True-Bypass switching 
  • Powered by opt. 9V PP3 battery or PSU (9V DC, centre -, 2.1mm, ~30mA current draw)

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