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Stone Deaf - PDF-2 Parametric Overdrive

Product ID: P-4653


Model Overview:

This is a wide range gain pedal used by many big names including Josh of QOTSA, the V2 improves on the V1 with a reduced noise floor, adjustable gain knob and a dual foot-switch for clean and dirty channels. 

Model Specs:

  • Wide gain range - from light overdrive to wild distortion 
  • Switchable clean and dirty channel - use parametric EQ on clean as well as dirty tones 
  • Highly sculptable Parametric EQ - For a world of distorted tones 
  • Phaser/Wah functionality via Stone Deaf EP-1 active expression pedal 
  • Top-mounted I/O 
  • Handmade in the UK 
  • True-Bypass switching 
  • Powered by opt. 9V PP3 battery or PSU (9V DC, centre -, 2.1mm, ~30mA current draw)

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