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Stone Deaf Fig Fumb Parametric Fuzz With Noise Gate | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Stone Deaf Fig Fumb Parametric Fuzz With Noise Gate

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Stone Deaf Fig Fumb Parametric Fuzz With Noise Gate | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Model Overview:

Built on the classic Big-Muff circuit but with the addition of an often needed noise gate the Stone Deaf Fig Fumb allows you to get completely off-the-wall fuzz sounds which are also manageable. 

Additionally the Stone Deaf Fig Fumb has an expression pedal input, allowing you to control a plethora of variables resulting in a foot controllable fuzz wah or fuzz phaser.

The expression pedal input only works with the Stone Deaf EP-1 expression pedal.

One of a number of homegrown pedal makers carving out a real reputation for themselves, Stone Deaf make awesome hand made pedals right here in the UK. While well known for their diverse range of gain pedals all featuring their unique parametric EQ, Stone Deaf also make some incredibly forward thinking digitally controlled analog pedals, and are one of a hand full of companies really pioneering this use of technology in guitar effects.

Features and Benefits:

  • Parametric EQ with adjustable High Gain Fuzz (Many different tonal palettes of high gain Fuzz available)
  • Frequency response from 35Hz-6kHz (Full spectrum of guitar amplifier tone)
  • Dual channel, with or without noise gate function (switchable Rhythm (with noise gate) and lead channels without noise gate)
  • Frequency control knob sweep control via expression pedal (high gain Fuzz frequency changes on the fly)
  • Fig Fumb Fuzz Wah Wah function via expression pedal (Fuzz wah wah tones with no tone sucking)
  • Fig Fumb Phaser function on via expression pedal (Fuzz phaser tones with no tone sucking)
  • 9v Power supply centre negative (low power consumption)
  • Quick Change Battery Box (quick change over of battery)

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