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Stone Deaf - Tremotron, Analog Tremolo

Product ID: P-4660


Model Overview:

A dual analogue tremolo pedal with true bypass and midi control. This is an exceptional and truly versatile pedal suitable for any application which requires anything from a hint to a bucket load of tremolo. 

Model Specs:

  • Expression Input assignable to Rate, Depth and Shape controls using a standard expression pedal (Can create and save all manner of analogue tremolo tones customised by the user)
  • 4 on pedal user pre-sets and 128 MIDI recallable presets Allows you to save on board the pedal and recall up to 128 MIDI controlled presets using any standard MIDI controller.
  • Tap Tempo with Tap Wave Sync 
  • (accurately sets the tempo of the pedal as well as Waveform syncing every time you tap. This means the waveform is always in time with the beat of a drummer or in sync with a delay, whether on or off the beat.
  • Analogue Controls for Tone and Level allowing fine tuning to fit sonically with the rest of your board. ( Intuitive tone and level controls to match your overall sound)
  • Variable Wave-shapes Sine, Square, Ramp, Reverse Ramp and more. including making your own. (allows you to make your own wave shapes and combine them together as a layer of sound over and above a standard tremolo)
  • Wave Shape Modulation - By Pressing each of the wave shape rotary encoders, you can add another ‘layer’ of volume modulation into the signal. 
  • For example, your Slow Sine Swell could have a fast Square modulation added to it for a sharper, more prominent tone. (The combinations of wave-shapes using this feature are practically endless and allow you to produce truly unique rhythms.)
  • Tap Divisions set to syncopate rhythm patterns over your playing and tempo)
  • 9v DC Supply standard power supply friendly voltages of 250mA)
  • Ultra Bright LEDS for indication of preset banks and control. (Easy to see controls and intuitive design to sculpt your tone)

Standard midi control, allowing manipulation of:

  • Pre-sets
  • Tempo
  • All continuous controls such as Rate, Shape, Depth
  • Tap Divisions

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