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Souldier Lennon Gold Flower Strap

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Model Overview:

The Souldier Lennon strap features a Yellow, White and Black Embroidered pattern with a black back, a nickel coloured buckle and a Brown leather end.

With their straps adorning the guitars of players from Wilco, The Black Keys, Aerosmith, Modest Mouse and more, Souldier have earned a reputation for making some of the finest, most eye catching handmade guitar straps around. Taking inspiration from some classic vintage strap designs as well as some more unique creations of their own, Souldier are proud to handmake all of their straps from top to bottom in Chicago, Illinois. Be it the woven fabrics, the hand cut leather ends, or the huge range of seatbelt material colours available, Souldier straps have an unmistakable quality that only comes from truly independent, handmade craftsmanship.

All Souldier straps are fully adjustable between 33"-60".

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