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Skreddy P19 - Fuzz

Product ID: P-3423


Skreddy Pedals is a California based company created in 2004, who are seriously passionate about tone and take real pride in their creations. Skreddy build high quality overdrives, fuzzes and classic pedals which are used by some of the biggest names in the music business.

Emulating the magic '70s era fuzz pedal, the P19 gives clear and articulate high notes while still being fuzzy and aggressive on low notes.  The mids are scooped just enough to keep it from sounding congested, the lows are rolled off just enough to keep it from sounding wooly or boomy, and the highs are gentle, present, and well balanced. The P19’s clarity will encourage you to dig in and express yourself - it's not an overwhelming 'wall of fuzz' type effect.

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