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Skreddy Lunar Module - Fuzz

Product ID: P-3430


Skreddy Pedals is a California based company created in 2004, who are seriously passionate about tone and take real pride in their creations. Skreddy build high quality overdrives, fuzzes and classic pedals which are used by some of the biggest names in the music business.

Intentionally aggressive so it will cut through any mix, the Lunar Module offers a very satisfying and addictive "vintage" fuzz tone. Unlike typical silicon fuzzes, which can sound thin and raspy, this pedal has a fat sound and can be darkened to taste. Great classic silicon fuzz tones but with control and tweak-ability, the Lunar Module also gets along with other effects. Extremely flexible, it ranges from tight, aggressive overdrive/distortion to sustaining, ultra-saturated fuzz.

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