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Old Blood Noise Endeavours Utility 3: Buffer + EQ

Old Blood Noise Endeavours Utility 3: Buffer + EQ

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Old Blood Noise Endeavours Utility 3: Buffer + EQ

Model Overview:


As well as a whole host of crazy and intuitive effects pedals, the good folks at Old Blood Noise Endeavours also do a great line of pedalboard utilities, offering a range of tone tools to help craft your perfect sound. The Utility 3 is a combination always on Buffer & and three band EQ pedal, featuring low, mid and high controls for tailoring specific frequencies for dialling in your perfect sound. The buffer is always engaged, giving you a line boost that protects your signal quality over long cable runs or vast pedalboard set ups. 

Old Blood Noise Endeavours, based in Oklahoma, make some of the most distinctive sounding guitar effects out there, with endless parings of different tones combining in the same pedal to ensure that all kinds of players have something they can use to create beautifully experimental sounds.

Model Specs:

  • Low : Counter-clockwise for less low frequency, clockwise to increase lower frequencies. 100 Hz Shelf
  • Mid : Counter-clockwise for less Mid frequency, clockwise to increase Mid frequencies.  500 Hz Bell
  • High : Counter-clockwise for less High frequency, clockwise to increase High frequencies. 2 KHz Shelf
  • 9VDC

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