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Old Blood Noise Endeavours Procession Reverb

Old Blood Noise Endeavours Procession Reverb

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Old Blood Noise Endeavours Procession Reverb

Model Overview:

The Old Blood Noise Endeavours Procession Reverb is a haunting Reverb pedal with three switchable modulation modes. The Procession is extremely tweakable, allowing you to precisely dial in a range of tones across its three modes, allowing you to create other worldy Reverb sounds or pulsating, echoey pads to bed under your playing. 

The Procession features three varied modulations modes. The 'Flanger' modes offers spiralling flanger modulation for slower swirling sounds and rapid, resonant movement. The 'Filter' mode acts as a sweeping resonant filter that can also act as a fixed frequency filter. Lastly, the 'Tremolo' modulation adds a warm, pulsating tone to the Reverb, whilst you can also use the Procession with no modulation in this setting by dialling back both the rate and depth to zero. The modulation setting are controlled with standard 'Rate' & 'Depth' controls. 

The Old Blood Noise Endeavours Procession features controls for the overall wet / dry mix as well as the Reverb decay time. Both the decay time and modulation rate can be controlled using and external expression pedal, and the Procession also features a 'Hold' footswitch, allowing you to create rich pads and textures with infinite sustain.  

Old Blood Noise Endeavours, based in Oklahoma, make some of the most distinctive sounding guitar effects out there, with endless parings of different tones combining in the same pedal to ensure that all kinds of players have something they can use to create beautifully experimental sounds.

Model Specs:

  • Cavernous Reverb with 3 switchable modulation settings
  • 'Hold' switch for infinite sustain on whatever note is playing
  • Expression pedal input for controllring either modulation speed or Reverb decay
  • True Bypass footswitch
  • 9V DC centre negative power supply required, 60mA current draw

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