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Meris Ottobit Jr. Bitcrusher

Meris Ottobit Jr. Bitcrusher

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Meris Ottobit Jr. Bitcrusher

Model Overview:

The Meris Ottobit Jr is the evolution of a studio grade bitcrusher and filter, now available in convenient effects pedal sized form. Inspired by the sounds of vintage gaming consoles, the Ottobit Jr seeks to make that kind of glitchy nostalgic tone available for your pedalboard. 

The Ottobit Jr has multiple functions, and each one is as powerful as the last. Functioning primarily as a distorted variable sample rate Bitcrusher, the Ottobit Jr also functions as a powerful multi mode step sequencer capable of triggering glitchy stutter effects that can be triggered and controlled via on board tap tempo and MIDI compatibility, giving you truly arcade like digitally sequenced Bitcrusher sounds. 

The Meris Ottobit Jr also features an extremely high quality low pass filter reminiscent of the best analog synth low pass vintage synth filters. The Ottobit Jr features a studio grade audio signal path, meaning it is at home when used with a variety of line level instruments as well as your guitar. 

Meris are gaining a reputation for really pushing the possibilities of what can be done with effects units. With a small team that possesses a wealth of industry experience, Meris consists of designers who can boast of stints at Strymon and Line 6 on their CV's, and this experience and attention to digital detail really comes through in the effects they produce. Hand designed and hand made in Los Angeles, Meris can be considered at the head of the pack when it comes to forward thinking effects design.

Model Specs:

  • Variable Sample Rate and Bit Crushing
  • Vintage Synth inspired Low-Pass Filter
  • Triggered Stutter Effects
  • Sequencer module for Pitch, Filter or Decimation pattern sequencing
  • Tap Tempo for Sequencer and Stutter
  • Stereo input and output
  • Switchable input/output headroom level for Guitar, Synthesizer or Line levels
  • Expression pedal control over all parameters simultaneously
  • Presets available via external 4-Preset switch or MIDI
  • MIDI in/out over TRS via the EXP jack
  • Remote Tap Tempo Switch capable via the EXP jack
  • Premium and hi end analog signal path
  • Designed and Built in Los Angeles, California U.S.A.


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