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Meris MIDI I/O

Meris MIDI I/O

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Meris MIDI I/O

Model Overview:

The Meris I/O is a MIDI - TRS control interface capable of greatly expanding the possibilities of the MIDI functionality of your Meris effects. The MIDI I/O can be used to access and store presets via MIDI, and combines with the MIDI in and out function on Meris pedals for unlimited preset saving. The MIDI I/O can control up to four pedals at any one time using different MIDI channels. The Meris MIDI I/O is also compatible with the MIDI functionality of Chase Bliss Audio and Empress effects.

With a small team that possesses a wealth of industry experience, Meris consists of designers who can boast of stints at Strymon and Line 6 on their CV's, and this experience and attention to digital detail really comes through in the effects they produce. Hand designed and hand made in Los Angeles, Meris can be considered at the head of the pack when it comes to forward thinking effects design. 

Model Specs:

  • Compact, pedalboard friendly MIDI I/O for up to 4 Meris pedals
  • Allows control of all parameters via MIDI
  • Supports MIDI input and output from all Meris pedals
  • Allows unlimited offline preset saving and loading
  • Wireless compatibility* with bluetooth MIDI adapter (*sold separately)
  • MIDI in and out activity status LEDs
  • Also compatible with Empress and Chase Bliss* pedals (* may require additional special cable).
  • Powered by 9V PSU

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