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Designed to bring studio quality tone to the live environment, the LR Baggs Lyric is the award winning acoustic guitar microphone; delivering live tone once believed unattainable, thanks to LR Baggs groundbreaking TRU•MIC technology.

The Lyric is mounted to the underside of the bridge via a simple peel-and-stick mounted cradle. This allows the Lyric to sit just 3mm from the soundboard, where it can capture high gain signals before feedback. The noise-cancelling unit suppresses reflections from the guitars' body, giving the microphone the ability to act as if it is outside the guitar, capturing the nuances of its' character as open and clear as possible.

The Lyric system includes a discrete microphone preamp system that pushes its response without clipping, breakup or feedback, along with a soundhole-mounted control unit with volume and mic presence features, allowing for quick and easy tone sculpting.

A true innovation in capturing acoustic guitar tone in the live environment; the LR Baggs Lyric.


TRU•MIC noise cancelling technology.

No pickup.

Analogue signal conditioning.

All-discrete mic preamp.

Soundhole volume control.

Microphone presence control.

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