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Product ID: P-3776


Model Overview:

The iMix is a class A FET preamp/stereo mixer engineered for guitarists that play in diverse situations and environments. This mixer is paired with the iBeam pickup which delivers exceptionally high quality audio and the Element pickup which offers presence and stability; it's an exceptional system capable of extensive personalisation - the system boasts mid contour controls for both pickups and a low cut control for the iBeam personalised tone is available anywhere.

If you want the benefits of a dual source sound but do not want to haul around a bunch of outboard gear or cut your prized guitar for an onboard preamp, the iMix is the perfect solution.

Model Specs:

• Includes the iBeam and Element pickups
• Includes the iMix mixer
• Mono or split stereo operation
• Tunable mid contours for iBeam and Element
• Variable iBeam low cut for optimum bass response
• Battery bag 

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