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Korg Volca Modular

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Model Overview:

The Korg Volca Modular is a semi-modular analog synthesizer that takes a bold step in to more advanced territory than the rest of Volca range. Modular synthesizers are becoming more and more popular with musicians looking for truly unique sounds, and the "West Coast style" of modular sysnthesis is what Korg have based the Volca Modular on. 

Built in to the same compact enclosure as other units in the Volca range, the Volca Modular features eight modules and 50 patch points. The Volca Modular is the perfect gateway in to modular synthesis for anyone who is already familiar with the Korg Volca format. The Volca Modular also features a 16 step sequencers which doubles up as a parameter controller, and full CV sync for connecting the unit to other Volca synths.

The Korg Volca series offers a selection of patchable modules that combine sleek design, streamlined usability, and performance ready tone. Combine any number of Volca units together to make a unique live or studio production set up that is endlessly creative and inspiring.

Few companies can claim to have had as much impact on the world of electronic musical instruments as Korg, with a brand that is now synonymous with forward thinking, intuitive and performance ready keyboards, synthesisers and drum machines. 

Module Specs:

  • Source - This consists of a triangle VCO carrier and a modulator. The complex overtones generated by FM modulation are sent through a wave folder circuit to add additional overtones, producing a distinctive sound. This module is important in determining the basic character of the sound of volca modular.
  • Functions - This section consists of two function (envelope) generators. In addition to an ADH generator with attack, hold, and release, there's a Rise-Fall generator, also known as a slope generator, which not only applies time-varying change to the sound but also lets you patch the end trigger out back into the trigger in as a loop, making it usable as a VCO or LFO.
  • Woggle - This is a random signal generator containing a sample & hold circuit that uses pink noise as its source. Two outputs are provided, allowing it to output either stepped or smooth random noise.
  • Split - This module distributes one input to two outputs. It can also be used in the reverse direction, combining two control or audio signals into one.
  • Dual LPG - This consists of two low-pass gate circuits. Typical of the West Coast style of synthesis, the module packages a filter with an amp, allowing the brightness and volume of the sound to vary together.
  • Utility - This is a mixing scaling module that combines two signals in various ways. It can mix not only audio signals but also control signals, as well as inverting or attenuating those signals.
  • Space Out - This is a stereo module that applies a reverb-like effect to the audio signal.
  • Sequence - This module is for connecting to the internal sequencer. You can set the tempo, and select different rhythm divisions to output via the gate counter.

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