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Korg Volca - Bass

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Model Overview:

The Korg Volca Bass is a compact yet extremely powerful analog bass synth, featuring three oscillators to produce a variety of classic mono bass tones. The Volca Bass features full and deep bass tones reminiscent of classic vintage bass sequencers, utilising stripped back analog circuitry that focuses on pure tone. The redesigned filter offers a crisper response than in other units, while the built in step sequencer allows you to record patterns in both live active mode and step mode, while the slide function allows you to seamlessly transition between notes in your sequence for an authentic acid bass style sound. The Sync in and out features and MIDI connectivity allow you to combine the Volca FM with other Volca units or with your own DAW seamlessly both live and in the studio.

The Korg Volca series offers a selection of patchable modules that combine sleek design, streamlined usability, and performance ready tone. Combine any number of Volca units together to make a unique live or studio production set up that is endlessly creative and inspiring.

Few companies can claim to have had as much impact on the world of electronic musical instruments as Korg, with a brand that is now synonymous with forward thinking, intuitive and performance ready keyboards, synthesisers and drum machines. 

Model Specs:

  • Three oscillators generate a variety of bass sounds
  • Newly designed analog filter for crisp, bright response
  • Simple structure with single VCF, VCA, LFO, and EG
  • Step Sequencer distilled from the Electribe series
  • Slide function that’s indispensable for acid and other types of electronic music
  • Active Step function generates new bass lines by removing or inserting steps
  • Self-tuning function overcomes pitch drift 
  • SYNC jack and MIDI IN connector allow synchronized performances with multiple units or with your DAW
  • Compact size, battery-powered operation, and built-in speaker for enjoyment anywhere

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