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Korg Prologue 8

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Model Overview:

The Korg Prologue ushers in a new generation of professional electronic musical instruments, featuring a multi voice, multi engine design that cements its place as Korg's flagship polyphonic analog synthesiser. The Prologue is a fully programmable, feature heavy analog synthesiser designed with studio and performing musicians in mind, offering plenty of functionality paired with pure analog tone. Featuring a full sized keyboard with natural feeling Japanese made key design, the Prologue offers a level of playing expression rarely found on synthesisers, and it is this attention to detail that is evident throughout the Prologue. 

Although a far more developed instrument, the Prologue retains the same feeling of accessibility and ease of use as the Monologue and Minilogue. The Prologue 8 features a multi timbral design around an 8 voice analog sound, and a circuit structured around 2VCO + MULTI ENGINE, 1VCF, 2EG, 1VCA, and 1LFO. The circuit has been improved drastically from previous models, with fuller and fatter bass sounds, more present and powerful leads, and richer, warmer pad and chord sounds, while the filter and envelope sections have been redesigned to offer a sharper and more distinctive sounds.

The Korg Prologue features high quality 24 bit on board digital effects, making it ready for the studio without compromising on sound quality. The Poly, Mono, Duo, Arpeggiator and Chord modes allow for plenty of tonal experimentation, while the bi-timbral technology in the Prologue allows you to smoothly crossfade between 2 keyboard layers, making it the perfect partner for live performance. 

Few companies can claim to have had as much impact on the world of electronic musical instruments as Korg, with a brand that is now synonymous with forward thinking, intuitive and performance ready keyboards, synthesisers and drum machines. 

Model Specs:

  • 8 voice analog synthesizer circuit.
  • Newly developed multi-engine equipped with three types: noise, VPM, and user.
  • High-quality digital effects.
  • An open API (Application Programming Interface) for user-created oscillators and effects
  • Bi-timbre support.
  • Voice modes that allow voices to be flexibly recombined.
  • Arpeggiator equipped with a variety of types and range settings.
  • Program Sort allows rapid access to 500 programs.
  • Japanese-made high-quality natural touch keyboard.
  • Oscilloscope function shows the waveform visually.
  • Tough and stylish body made of aluminum and wood.
  • Sync with another groove machine to enjoy jam sessions.

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