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Korg Monologue - Black

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Model Overview:

The Korg Monologue is the next generation of powerful monophonic analog synthesisers. Featuring a fully programmable, 25 key design, the Monologue builds on the technology and layout featured on the Korg Minilogue synth, with a rugged design and powerful monophonic sound. The Monologue features a 2VCO design as well as a voltage controlled filter and LFO. While the Monologue shares the same basic circuitry as the Minilogue, it is not simply a monophonic version of that synth, but rather a powerful single voiced analog synth with specifically designed envelope section and filter meant to showcase the warmth and punch of the sound, as well as a built in drive effect for adding natural harmonic saturation to your sound.  

The Monologue features Korg's slim design keybed profile, allowing them to pack as much as possible in to a small unit. A 16 step sequencer allows the creation of rhythmic patterns that make the Monologue perfect for using as part of a live set up, with step recording and real time recording options as well as 4 knob motion sequencing for recording effects and parameter movement on the fly. The Monologue also supports 100 preset locations, allowing you to create, store and recall your own sounds on top of 80 presets that have been created by Korg in conjunction with some of the worlds most prominent electronic musicians. With this level of functionality in such a compact sized unit, the Korg Monologue is perfect for those taking their first steps in to the synth playing and performing musicians and producers alike. 

Few companies can claim to have had as much impact on the world of electronic musical instruments as Korg, with a brand that is now synonymous with forward thinking, intuitive and performance ready keyboards, synthesisers and drum machines.  

Model Specs:

  • Analog synthesiser with all-new synthesis structure optimised for amazing monophonic sounds and sequences
  • Fully programmable, with 100 program memories (80 presets included)
  • 16-step sequencer with extensive motion sequence technology to make your sound move
  • Microtuning lets you freely create scales and alternate tonalities
  • Oscilloscope function helps visualise the waveform in real time
  • Battery-powered for portability
  • Rugged and stylish with aluminium top panel, chassis-mounted pots, rubber-coated knobs, and real wood back panel
  • MIDI, USB MIDI, and Audio Sync for all types of in-studio and live connectivity, including direct sync with Minilogue, SQ1, Volca, Electribe, and more

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