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KMA Audio Machines Astrospurt Four Stage JFET Phaser

Product ID: P-12288


Model Overview: 

Expertly hand built and silkscreened in Berlin, KMA Machines blend rigorous German engineering with a passion for boutique guitar effects. The resulting range of pedals is a diverse selection of original effects, and some modern takes on classic circuits. Each pedal is handmade with great care and attention to detail in small batches, and we are thrilled to be KMA Machines exclusive London dealer.

A modern take on a classic 4 stage phaser circuit, the KMA Machines Astrospurt can do everything from subtle soulful vintage style phasing to more intense and experimental modulations. The "Signal" control allows you to boost or cut the overall output from the pedal, for increased presence or subtlety when combined with the pedals "Depth" control. From a wide and swooping phase to tighter, choppier modulation, the "Spurt" control gives a extremely wide range of speed for the phase effect.  The Astrospurt really comes in to it's own with the inclusion of the "Emph" control, allowing the player to dial in just the right amount of noise, crackle and oscillation if you want things to get weird. 

From classic, subtle phasing to full on and far out modulation, the KMA Audio Machines Astrospurt is a truly exciting 4 Stage Phaser with plenty of tone to explore.

Model Specs:

  • Emph - The emphase control transforms your Astrospurt in to an all-noise from the universe receiving station. Flip the switch below to activate it.
  • Signal - Dial in the right level of the effect. 
  • Mix - Define your own mix of phase shifted and clean signal. Turn it clockwise for the clean signal. Go back to 12 o'clock for the classic deep and warm phase tone. Fully counter clockwise will achieve a dizzying vibrato style effect.
  • Depth - To get a deep phasing, raise the depth control. If you want a more subtle sound just dial it back.
  • Spurt - Choose between a long and swooshy phase sound or a very fast modulation.

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