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JHS Pedals The Milkman Delay Echo

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Model Overview:

This is a collaboration between JHS Pedals and Milkman Amps, born of the desire for a simple pedal which can be used as a boost and a slap back echo that would pair perfectly with the tremolo and reverb in a tube amp. And so the Milkman was born! This pedal is superb for Americana style country and pedal steel or for adding that little hint of something else to your clean playing or a subtle 50's style slap back echo. The JHS Pedals Milkman could well be the only pedal you need on your board.

Based loosely around the tone found in early Maestro Echoplex units, the Milkman features a slap back style echo that gives you a range of 0ms to 350ms of delay time, covering everything from a subtle doubling of your playing to a more pronounced echo effect with the 'Slap' control. The Milkman also features standard delay controls for Mix, Repeats and EQ, with the EQ being able to nicely darken the tone of the repeats for a vintage tape effect. 

The second half of the Milkman functions as a simple one knob boost that is similar to the pre amp section of the original Echoplex units. Much cherished in their own right, these pre amps have become the stuff of folklore because of the natural sounding breakup they can give you tube amp when cranked. The boost of the Milkman is perfect for adding everything from slightly pushed warmth to cranked saturation to your sound.

Combining sleek designs with a great tones, JHS Pedals are regarded as some of the finest sounding hand made guitar effects pedals on the market. 

Model Specs:

  • Two fully independent effects in one small footprint.
  • Boost allows you to have an always-on preamp or send your amp into natural breakup.
  • Slap delay to give you just the right amount of echo to give your tone the cream on top.
  • Perfect for slide, country, rockabilly, and Americana.

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