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JHS Pedals The Kilt V2 Overdrive Distortion

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Model Overview

The Kilt V2 is a redesign of the original Kilt dirt box, except this time with remote switching capabilities and a more pedal board friendly size. 

With a circuit that is loosely based on the much sought after Bixonic Expandora overdrive, the Kilt has a broad enough tonal range for absolutely any situation. An OpAmp based circuit, the tone of the JHS Pedals The Kilt can be dialled in with even more precision when utilising the pedals three toggle switches. Both G1 and G2 can be used to tweak the diode resistance values, allowing for less or more clipping of the overdriven signal. With neither toggle engaged, The Kilt is capable of light, clear amp style breakup. With both toggles engaged The Kilt is transformed in to an all out gated fuzz/ distortion powerhouse, with the ability to achieve any level of drive in between. 

The addition of the Cut/ Flat control allows for even greater tone shaping. With Cut engaged, the lower frequencies of your tone will be EQ'd out to better sit in a mix, while the Flat setting increases the low end response for a fatter all round sound.

Now compatible with the JHS Red Remote, the G2 clipping toggle can be trigged remotely, making it the perfect tool for live performance.

Combining sleek designs with a great tones, JHS Pedals are regarded as some of the finest sounding hand made guitar effects pedals on the market.

Model Specs:

  • When both toggles are down, you are in the lightest gain setting. Amp-like chimey breakup.
  • G1 flipped up adds a touch of drive for more riffy grit.
  • G2 flipped up puts you almost into distortion land, with more saturation and sustain for lead tones.
  • Both toggles flipped up sends the Kilt V2 into almost uncontrollable gated fuzz/distortion that will cut through anything.

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