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JHS Pedals Lucky Cat Delay - Pink

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Model Overview:

In 2007, JHS Pedals released their first delay pedal in limited numbers and to much acclaim. Issues with sourcing components prematurely forced it out of production, but now that pedal has been redesigned to be the perfect digital delay/ echo with plenty of functionality in a pedal that is simple to use. 

The JHS Pedals Lucky Cat Delay is a digital delay with repeats of up to 1000ms. Comprising of a basic control layout, the Lucky Cat Delay gives you control of the Time, Mix, Repeats, Subdivision Ratio, Darken (EQ) and a toggle switch for the modulation. The Mix control covers everything from fully clean to fully wet, while the Repeats can go on infinitely when the knob is fully clockwise. The Ratio control sets the tap tempo subdivision, making it easy to achieve dotted 8th note and triplet repeats at any tempo. The Darken control behaves slightly differently to a standard EQ, it is clean and digital with the knob fully clockwise, and gets progressively darker in tone and more analog sounding as you move it anti clockwise. The modulation toggle allows for two settings, one more subtle and one with more depth. 

The Lucky Cat Delay also features a mode switch on the side, allowing you to switch between crisp digital delay and a warmer, more compressed echo similar to a vintage tape unit. The JHS Pedals Lucky Cat Delay is a simple and versatile delay with plenty of options for any player.

Model Specs:

  • 1000ms of classic digital delay.
  • On board tap-tempo with ratio subdivision control.
  • Two modulation settings.
  • EQ control for the repeats.
  • Tape/Digital modes.
  • External tap jack.

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