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JHS Pedals Haunting Mids Preamp & Boost

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Model Overview:

For those forever in search of the perfect guitar tone capable of cutting through the mix in any situation, adding clarity to your muddy tone or simply pushing your amp to a sweet and subtle saturation, your search is finally over... we present to you the JHS Pedals Haunting Mids. The Haunting Mids is an incredibly versatile EQ pedal capable of completely reshaping the tone of your amp or pedalboard. Featuring a simple layout that gives you individual control over the Volume, Mids and Sweep for precisely dialling in your tone.

Covering a Mid frequency range between 400Hz to 7.5kHz, the Mids and Sweep controls of the JHS Pedals Haunting Mids work closely together, allowing you to isolate frequencies in great detail and craft your perfect tone, whether you're scooping a high gain sound for a tight and fat metal tone or boosting the midrange of your blues licks so they cut perfectly through a mix. The Mids control sets whether your mid frequency is cut or boosted, while the Sweep control sets the frequency itself, ranging from lower mids anti clockwise and upper mids clockwise. The Haunting Mids also features a Lo/Hi mini toggle switch which functions in a similar way to a Q frequency control, setting the width of the frequency peak. The Lo mode has a wider and more subtle sweep, while Hi mode has a sharper frequency peak giving a more filter sweep style sound. The JHS Pedals Haunting Mids is also an effective boost for pushing your tube amp in to a natural sounding breakup.

Combining sleek designs with a great tones, JHS Pedals are regarded as some of the finest sounding hand made guitar effects pedals on the market

Model Specs:

  • Will boost +10dB with EQ flat
  • Total Harmonic Distortion 0.007%
  • Signal to noise ratio 83dB
  • +/- 15dB boost or cut
  • Sweepable center frequency from 400Hz to 7.5kHz
  • Switchable Q (LO-gentle broad, HI-peaking tight)

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