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JHS Pedals Little Black Amp Box

Product ID: P-11765

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Model Overview:

If your amp has a series effects loop then the JHS Pedals Little Black Amp Box is an essential. Simply put the Little Black Amp Box in the effects loop and turn it down, now crank your amp up and use the volume control on this unit as the volume control on your amp. Put simply, this allows you to get the sound of a cranked to the wall amp at manageable volumes, making it the perfect way to get your tubes cooking without troubling the neighbours. The Little Black Amp Box has a tiny footprint and works just as well mounted to your amp or to your pedalboard. 

Model Specs:

  • Run it in your effects loop to turn down a turned-up amp
  • Retain the response and tone of your amp’s sweet spot at lower levels
  • High-grade components keep your tone clear and pure
  • Passive design doesn’t require any power
  • Small size is ideal for saving pedalboard space or even setting on top of your amp
  • Black powder coating keeps the buffer hidden in the background

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