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JHS Pedals Crayon Preamp

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Model Overview:

The Crayon is the younger brother of the JHS Pedals Colour Box, the much desired modern classic that recreates classic "straight in to the desk" guitar tones. The popularity of the Colour Box as a straightforward Overdrive or Fuzz was so universal that the Crayon was born, a stripped down Colour Box with plenty of pure pre amp drive and fuzz tones and a few less bells and whistles, all the while retaining a vintage colour and compression to the sound that made the original so popular.

The Crayon features controls for Master Volume, Pre-Volume, Tilt and a Hi-Pass EQ switch. Master Volume acts as an overall level control while the Pre-Volume functions as a gain control, with the Crayon covering everything from subtle clipping with added warmth to full on gated fuzz, with the two controls being extremely responsive in relation to each other. The Tilt control functions as an active EQ, with the ability to cut high frequencies and boost lows with the knob counter clockwise, and boost the upper frequencies when turned clockwise. The Hi-Pass control cuts low end to help your tone cut through a mix or to give a more lofi sound. There is also a side mounted dip switch to select the frequency range of the Hi-Pass filter from 200Hz-750Hz.

For those players who just want to get down to the meat of their tone, the Crayon is a brilliant pedalboard friendly version of the classic Colour Box tone. 

Combining sleek designs with a great tones, JHS Pedals are regarded as some of the finest sounding hand made guitar effects pedals on the market.

Model Specs:

  • Preamp DI tones from low gain grit to gated fuzz.
  • Active EQ for the perfect tones on bass or guitar.
  • Hi-Pass for lo-fi AM radio sounds.

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