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JAM Tubedreamer Plus Overdrive Distortion - SALE PRICE

Product ID: P-2135


Was £199.00

One of four specially designed incarnations of the Tube Screamer by Jam, The Tube Dreamer + delivers smooth sweet vintage distortion and thick overdriven tones. Taking the same excellent design as the TD 72, their most transparent overdrive, with an added switchable high gain stage for those that need a little extra push. They’ve also cleverly added an internal trimmer that regulates the output level of the high gain switch allowing you to choose between a boosted signal or maintain the same volume.

Rare NOS chips, specially selected matching NOS chips, tropical fish caps, and carbon comp resistors. Jam pedals aren’t messing around; these are the highest quality components for authentic, handmade, and beautifully styled 60’s and 70’s classic effects.

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