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Fredric Effects Pocket Weasel Fuzz

Product ID: P-3229

Boutique pedals minus the boutique price tag, handmade by local London art rockers and adorned with delicately screen-printed graphics, Fredric stompboxes are durable, high quality, worthy clones of classic rare effects. Most notably used by Frank Zappa, the Systech Harmonic Energiser is a super rare filter distortion. These are abrasive and ultra-resonant filter sounds. The Fredric Pocket Weasel has faithfully recreated the original Harmonic Energiser circuit and also features a switchable fuzz circuit akin to the 70’s IC Muff Fuzz, the Pocket Weasel features a germanium transistor gain stage for a rougher meaner fuzz than the Do The Weasel Stomp! It also has an increased frequency range taking you from deep rumbling bass through to flesh-searing treble and classic Harmonic Energiser vocal-wah tones in-between.

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