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Fredric Effects Demon Fuzz

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The excellent sounding and highly regarded 70’s EH Muff Fuzz is a classic mid-gain fuzz with rich harmonics and killer sustain, this is pure Gilmour tone. The Fredric Demon Fuzz uses the basic integrated circuit muff fuzz, but they’ve added a switch for selecting either silicon clipping diodes for crunchy distortion or germanium for vintage-correct tone, the gains been upped and they’ve included the excellent Kl*n buffer stage preventing tone-suck from long pedal chains. This is neatly finished with original artwork custom drawn by Stacey Hine, it’s one of Fredric’s finest looking pedals and it comes with mean tone that won’t disappoint.

Fredric Effects are boutique pedals minus the boutique price tag, handmade by local London art rockers and adorned with delicately screen-printed graphics, Fredric Effects stompboxes are durable, high quality, worthy clones of classic rare effects.

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