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Fender Pugilist Distortion Pedal

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Model Overview:

As the search for a unique guitar tone grows ever more important for many players, Fender continue their history of innovation by releasing four new effects pedals. Each Fender Effects Pedal covers a diverse range of sounds and is built in to a gig ready anodized aluminium enclosure.

The Fender Pugilist Distortion is an extremely versatile gain pedal with more than enough punch for any player. The Pugilist Distortion is based around unique dual gain circuitry, allowing two separate gain circuits to be used in series, individually, or combined together with the addition of a blend control between each circuit. Whether is stacked gain or a cascading combination of the two circuits, the Pugilist Distortion has it covered.

Each gain channel also comprises of its own discreet tone control for even more tone shaping possibilities, and the Bass Boost control can engage a thicker, fuller distortion at the flick of a switch. Other features include illuminated control knobs, a Fender amp style jewel LED and magnetic battery door for quick and easy battery replacements.

Model Specs:

  • Dual gain engines
  • Discrete tone controls per channel
  • LED backlit knobs
  • Fender Amp Jewel LED
  • Magnetically latched hinged 9V battery door
  • Lightweight durable anodized aluminum construction

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