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Fender Mustang GT 200 Guitar Amp

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Model Overview:

More than just a digital amp, this touch responsive amplifier is loaded with a huge range of customisable presets and a plethora of different amplifiers. For those who have a toe in the water of sound design or are constantly striving to realise the sound in their head, the GT series amps have a huge selection of flexible effect options allowing you to dial in anything you might need.

The amp boasts an intuitive digital display in addition to the traditional controls you'd expect to see. Further control through a smartphone app allows detailed profile management and control over your sounds. Finally the amp offers usb and xlr out for recording at home or in the studio. 

Model Specs:


  • Voltage 230V EUR 
  • Wattage 200 Watts (2 x 100 in Stereo) 
  • Controls Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Master, Encoder, Three Layer 
  • Buttons, FX Button, Save Button, Menu Button, Tap Button 
  • Channels One Inputs One - 1/4" Effects 21 Amp Models, 46 Effects 
  • Effects Loop 1/4" Stereo - (Send/Return) 
  • Line Out Two (Left and Right XLR) 
  • Headphone Jack 1/8" Stereo


  • Cabinet Material 5-Ply 5/8" Lightweight Plywood 
  • Amplifier Covering Black Textured Vinyl 
  • Grille Cloth Black 
  • Front Panel Black 
  • Handle Soft-Touch Flip Handle


  • Speakers Two - 12" Custom Celestion® Speaker Wattage 100 watts Total Impedance 4 ohms


  • Footswitch 4-Button (MGT-4 Preset/FX Switching and Looper), P/N: 0994071000 (Included)


  • Amp Height 20.9" (53.08 cm) 
  • Amp Width 25.5" (64.77 cm) 
  • Amp Depth 10" (25.4 cm) 
  • Amp Weight 34 lbs. (15.4 kg)

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