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Used Faith FRSB45 Classic Burst Drop Dreadnought - 45mm Nut

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Model Overview:

Using only solid tonewoods, with supremely high quality build and including a beautiful wooden case, Faith guitars are superb value. The Classic Burst Drop Dreadnought features a solid red cedar top and solid mahogany back and sides. This combination of tonewoods offers a warm tone with emphasis on the lower-midrange. The careful deep stain finish and hi-gloss lacquer controls the woods movement, this rounds off harmonic peaks for a more consistent, and reliable tone. Other features include solid mahogany back and sides, quartersawn spruce bracing, and Macassan ebony bridge and fingerboard.

Condition / Originality: 

This guitar is in very good condition, with only minor signs of wear through use visible on the finish. It also retains its original hard case.

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