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Electro Harmonix - Good Vibes - Modulator (PSU Included) | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Electro Harmonix - Good Vibes - Modulator (PSU Included)

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Electro Harmonix - Good Vibes - Modulator (PSU Included) | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Model Overview:

Much like the classic 1960's era Chorus / Vibrato pedals that it seeks to recreate, the Electro Harmonix Good Vibes Modulation is full of lush, swirling modulation tones that sound as authentic as any vintage pedal. Using the same photocell circuitry as pedals like the original Uni Vibe, the Good Vibes is able to achieve a warm and natural modulation tone. With straightforward controls and a smaller enclosure than many of its 60's counterparts, the Good Vibes has switchable Chorus and Vibrato modes, as well as switchable expression pedal functionality to control either the speed or the depth of the output. Other features include boosted power rails to combat the volume drop often associated with some analog modulation pedals, as well as an LED indicator for the effect speed. The Electro Harmonix Good Vibes is a truly vintage voiced Chorus / Vibrato.

Founded in 1968, Electro Harmonix are the original pioneers of the guitar stomp box world. The first company to really offer a wide range of affordable guitar pedals, Electro Harmonix is responsible for some of the most recognisable guitar tones in rock, and today they continue to innovate as much as they have over the last 50 years.

Model Specs:

  • Selectable Chorus or Vibrato delivers classic 1960's tone and vibe
  • Simple control set: Volume, Intensity, Speed
  • Expression pedal control of Speed or Intensity
  • Boosted power rails for extended headroom and definition
  • Always-on Speed indicator
  • Rugged and compact die-cast chassis
  • True Bypass
  • EHX 9.6DC power supply included


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