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Earthquaker Devices Sea Machine V2 Chorus

Product ID: P-11587


Model Overview:

This is a lush and oceanic sounding chorus which can move from smooth and gentle to sharp and crashing, like all Earthquaker Devices pedals it's remarkably versatile and has innumerable applications. 

Model Specs:


  • Rate: Sets the speed of the LFO. The miniature LED will show the tempo even in bypass mode.
  • Shape: From soft triangle through hard square wave.
  • Dimension: Adds a slight slap-back at low levels, reverb-like ambiance at mid levels and an echo-resonance at max.
  • Depth: How much the LFO modulates the delay time.
  • Animate: How far the pitch shifted signal swings, lower levels equals a tighter and more focused shift à la traditional chorus. As you increase the control a more wild and animated pitch shift begins to emerge.
  • Intensity: How much modulated signal is blended in with the dry signal.


  • 4.625″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″ with knobs

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