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Earthquaker Devices Hoof Fuzz V2 | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Earthquaker Devices Hoof Fuzz V2

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Earthquaker Devices Hoof Fuzz V2 | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Model Overview:

Earthquaker Devices are arguably the most well known boutique effects pedal maker in the world, with a selection of pedals that is hugely diverse and encompasses both functionality and insanity in equal measure. All of their pedals are lovingly handmade in Akron, Ohio. 

The Earthquaker Devices Hoof is very much the companies flagship pedal, and very much put the company on the map as the go to fuzz pedal for countless guitar players. The Hoof is a Germanium and Silicon hybrid fuzz which is now in its second incarnation, featuring hand matched NOS Germanium transistors in a circuit loosely based on that of the classic Sovtek made green Big Muff pedals. The Hoof is a fuzz that is all about versatility and tonal control. Covering a wide range of gain levels, the Hoof will touch on everything from a fizzy tube amp drive to full on fuzz sounds. The inclusion of the 'Shift' control is where the Hoof really comes in to its own, controlling the mid range frequencies for either heavily scooped stoner rock sounds with plenty of low end or a tighter, more focused mid boosted sound that will easily cut through the mix and keep you fuzz tone crystal clear. 

The Earthquaker Devices Hoof is a simple take on a classic fuzz sound with just the necessary tweaks to make it an incredibly versatile pedal that can suit pretty much any kind of playing style, and its easy to see why it has become one of the most popular dirt pedals on the market.

Model Specs:


  • Fuzz: Clockwise for heavy, counterclockwise for light.
  • Tone: Bass to the left, Treble to the right.
  • Level: Controls the output level.
  • Shift: Adjust the mid content. Clockwise for classic scooped mids, counterclockwise for the more modern cutting mids all the kids love.
  • Powered by any standard 9V DC centre negative power supply

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