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Earthquaker Devices - HOOF FUZZ V2

Product ID: P-11577


Model Overview:

A Germanium and Silicon hybrid fuzz which is now in its second incarnation and edging closer to that iconic status. Based loosely on the classic green muff circuit but like all EQD re-imaginations fully refined to provide everything from tamed, modest fuzz to aggressive unkept rage. 

Model Specs:


  • Fuzz: Clockwise for heavy, counterclockwise for light.
  • Tone: Bass to the left, Treble to the right.
  • Level: Controls the output level.
  • Shift: Adjust the mid content. Clockwise for classic scooped mids, counterclockwise for the more modern cutting mids all the kids love.


4.625″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″ with knobs

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