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Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander V2 Octave Synth

Product ID: P-11564


Model Overview:

Earthquaker Devices are arguably the most well known boutique effects pedal maker in the world, with a selection of pedals that is hugely diverse and encompasses both functionality and insanity in equal measure. All of their pedals are lovingly handmade in Akron, Ohio.

The Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander is a monophonic analogue guitar synth with a four octave range capable of providing you with a plethora of interesting synth sounds. From deep sub octave tones to piercing upper octaves, the blend of three octave controls combined with a slightly squared input signal offer genuine analog synth tones that are simple to navigate while still retaining all their sonic quality. As with all analog monophonic octave and synth pedals, how your guitar responds to the pedal is not an exact science and experimentation can lead to all kinds of weird and wonderful results with all the imperfections left in for good measure. As a general rule of thumb, the Bit Commander is most effective on your guitars neck pickup ad when riffing above the 7th fret for optimum tracking.

The Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander is a pedal full of character, with a huge range of synth sounds on tap and is a great option for anyone looking for a unique new sound. In our experience the Bit Commander also pairs perfectly with a good drive or fuzz pedal for optimum sonic destruction.

Model Specs:


  • Sub - Two octaves down level
  • Down 1 - One octave down level
  • Up 1 - One octave up level
  • Base - Squared input signal level
  • Level - Master volume
  • Filter - Tone control, more highs clockwise, more warmth counter clockwise
  • Powered by any standard 9V DC centre negative power supply

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