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Earthquaker Devices Afterneath Reverb

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Model Overview:

Earthquaker Devices are arguably the most well known boutique effects pedal maker in the world, with a selection of pedals that is hugely diverse and encompasses both functionality and insanity in equal measure. All of their pedals are lovingly handmade in Akron, Ohio.

The Earthquaker Devices Afterneath is one of the more interesting reverb pedals around, and is especially suited to ethereal, other worldly sounds. The Afterneath utilises a digital circuit that is made up of multiple short delays which when combined give reverb tone unlike anything heard in many other pedals. The Afterneath is incredibly tweakable, and it is this detailed control layout that makes the Afterneath particularly unique. The 'Diffuse' control is designed to adjust the overall spread of the reverb, ranging from a tighter, more defined sound to a far more washed out, cascading reverb sound. The 'Reflect' control can generate interesting echo sounds when increased, and will begin to self oscillate in a way similar to an analog delay when pushed. By far the most sonically interesting control on the Afterneath is the 'Drag' control. This controls the space between the separate delay lines that form the reverb tone, creating a kind of warped pitch shifting effect unlike anything you can achieve using other reverb pedals. The Afterneath is also the perfect partner for synthesisers and keys as well as guitar.

All this serves to make the Earthquaker Devices Afterneath a pedal that is capable of a huge range of sounds with almost limitless possibilities, and something that is perfect for anyone looking for a more experimental option for their board. 

Model Specs:


  • Length - Controls the decay length of the reverb.
  • Diffuse - Adjusts the spread of the reverb. Sharper with more attack counter clockwise, more ambient and washy as you turn it clockwise.
  • Dampen - Clockwise for brighter tones, counter clockwise for darker tones.
  • Drag - This digital reverb is made up of a bunch of short delays, this separates the delay lines creating a stuttering, pingy effect. This is the coolest control on the Afterneath, we highly advise slowly turning this while you let notes ring out for a cool warped speed effect. More delay as you turn it counter clockwise, more reverb as you turn it clockwise.
  • Reflect - Controls the regeneration of the reverb, turn clockwise for more wash and echos, counterclockwise for less. This will self oscillate if turned up high.
  • Mix - Blends the wet signal into the dry. Though it does not actually go full wet, it will gradually lower the clean level as you turn it clockwise and give the appearance of full wet.
  • Powered by any standard 9V DC centre negative power supply

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