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Dr Scientist The Elements Overdrive & Distortion

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Model Overview:

The shrewd brainchild of an undoubtedly talented husband and wife team in Canada, Dr Scientist pedals are hand built with high-quality components, featuring intuitive controls for easily manipulated parameters, practical design features for busy pedal boards, and they’re compatible with any instrument.

The most comprehensive boost/overdrive/distortion you’re likely to find, The Elements by Dr Scientist provides everything from finely tuned tone shaping, to transparent boost and overdrive, to hot-rodded high-gain distortion. Featuring switchable diode clipping, 3 midrange frequency options, bass-cut, gain switch, expression jack for real-time control of the mix for seamless transitions, and EQ. The Elements has an insane range of adjustable parameters with arguably the best tone-shaping capability available.

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